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Comms Room Cleaning

Comms Room Cleaning

The IT department in almost every business is constantly fighting to get a bigger budget to make some of their work easier. Business owners may not value the effect of thorough cleaning services until their business suffers an outage due to dirt. Cleaning your server room is tough when you do not know where to begin and which products to use for the best safety measures.

Case Studies Of Dirty Comms Rooms

Unexpected Dust Disruptions

One case involved a computer room in Europe that had to shut down until the owners could reinstall an entirely new server room. The cause of the failure was shocking to most because it was unforeseen and rare in most circumstances.

A fire that started in another area of the server room caused the fire fighting gas cylinders to explode, which then caused the dust on the floors and ceilings of the data room to be thrown into dozens of IT systems. This case study is a prime example of the importance of regular cleaning even when you do not anticipate imminent danger from the minimal dust you can see on the floor.

Dust Build Up

Another case involved a data room where the manager did not find it necessary to clean the space regularly. The filters in the UPS accumulated so much dust that the entire device finally failed because the air intakes were too clogged to function. As a result, the business risked even more loss because they did not have a power backup plan for the next couple of months.

Every Data Center Needs Comms Room Cleaning

You may now start to see that data cleaning services are extremely crucial in a myriad of other operational costs for any business. Here are a few other things that could go wrong when you do not clean up your data center:

  • The devices will overheat and cause a range of electrical interferences
  • Components will short circuit because of the conducive dust particles in the air
  • The optic fiber connector will become faulty because of the deliquescent dust
  • You risk the loss of data because of significant risk to the hard drive heads

Cleanliness creates room for improved efficiency and performance, as well as the extended longevity of the home. You want to keep up a vigorous cleaning service with sustainable uptime and long-term success by using a professional who will help to maintain the cleanliness even between the cleaning schedules.

How To Ensure The Best Comms Room Cleaning

Install An Air Quality System

The best thing about hiring a professional is they will know which control systems to install to maintain a clean air space. Most times, they will implement better safety measures, such as ensuring the pressure in the server room is at the right level. They will also test the air to detect the amount of dust every single time before starting the process of cleaning a data center, which means they will be able to prevent issues even before they start to grow.

Are you ready to start your data center cleaning with a professional who knows the science? Contact our data center cleaning contractors online to book a consultation on data center cleaning services.

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Comms Room Cleaning
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Comms Room Cleaning Comms Room Cleaning

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