Learn something about our owner, Milan. Prior to starting the business, he has had a long and flourishing career as a medical architecture planner. Through this work, he has worked on special projects likes The Minneapolis Children’s Hospital, emergency rooms, assisted living facilities, drug addiction recovery centers and many other projects. His passion is to help others to have a healthy home for their families.

our story

Why did Milan choose to get into carpet cleaning after a medical planning career? Over time he saw many people that he felt needed help with a property clean their home or office. With his medical background, 360 has the#1 cleaning method for having a healthy home or office floor surface’s. Our cleaning process uses only healthy products.

Its about Healthy home for your family

I understand the importance of maintaining clean living and workspaces. I love helping others obtain that same clean environment for their home and family.

about 360 steam carpet cleaning

Part of the enjoyment I get from my work is meeting with customers. Establishing trusting and lasting relationships is at the heart of what sets 360 Steam Carpet Cleaning apart from our competitors. Every family and each business is different, so meeting the needs of customers results in better outcomes