Hard Surfaces

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360 Hard Surfaces cleaning

Do the hard surfaces in your home or commercial premises suffer from dirt resulting from frequent traffic? While a busy family or thriving business brings joy and a host of other benefits, dealing with grime and stains on wooden flooring and tiles can present challenges. To take the stress off your shoulders, turn to 360 Steam Carpet Cleaning for excellence in services.

Some issues are unique to different flooring materials. For example, when cleaning carpets, we consider the types of fibers involved. The same approach is used when dealing with dirty wood, grout, and other hard surfaces. Our 360 Steam Carpet Cleaning technician uses eco-friendly products and commercial-grade equipment to produce effective and lasting results.

The surfaces in your Minnesota home or commercial premises can suffer damage from dirt and stains. However, there is also a risk to hard surfaces when inappropriate cleaning methods are used. You can eliminate this risk by trusting a professional family-owned business with all your cleaning needs.

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