Only have your wool carpet cleaned by experts. DIY wool carpet cleaning products abound, but many of them damage the carpet’s fibers, create stains, or even mat the wool. Cleaning wool carpets requires a gentle brush or rake and a cleaning solution made specifically for wool, both of which are used by our Chanhassen-based cleaning staff. That manner, no dirt, dust, or stains will be left on the carpet.

Services for Cleaning Wool Carpets Near Me That Leave No Residue

Wool carpets are not safe from damage from solutions with a pH of 8.5 or higher. If you don’t get your wool carpets professionally washed, you have no assurance that they will be cleaned safely or thoroughly. You also shouldn’t take the risk, as wool carpets and rugs are considered more luxurious.

360 Steam Carpet Cleaning in Chanhassen, Minnesota, uses a wide range of techniques to clean your wool carpet and remove embedded dirt, filth, and stains. To achieve 100% client satisfaction, we utilize only the most advanced, soap-free carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals on every job.

Chanhassen, Minnesota’s Top-Rated Wool Carpet Cleaning Service

Natural wool carpets are more likely to be ruined by accidents like spills and urine stains. If you take care of these concerns quickly, your pricey flooring will be unharmed. Wool carpets are vulnerable to permanent and severe staining if not properly cared for.

If you act quickly, 360 Steam Carpet Cleaning in Chanhassen, MN, can remove most spills and stains from wool fibers and padding. We don’t use soap, but rather non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products in all of our operations. You can rest easy knowing that your family, staff, and customers won’t be exposed to any harmful chemicals when we clean your wool carpets.

Call 360 Steam Carpet Cleaning in Chanhassen, Minnesota right away to set up an appointment if you need your wool carpets cleaned and are on a tight budget.