Before choosing a steam carpet cleaner in Orono, Minnesota, take into account the size of your house and the type of carpets you have. The only professional wool carpet cleaning service in Orono, Minnesota is 360 Steam Carpet Cleaning. After cleaning your wool carpet, we take extra care to extract as much water as we can from it because it’s critical that it dry properly to prevent mildew and bad odors. Around 24 hours are needed for drying. 360 Steam Carpet Cleaning employs a variety of techniques when steam cleaning carpets to help protect wool carpets from harm.

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Steam Carpet Cleaner Orono, Minnesota

The efficiency and safety of steam cleaning are superior to those of traditional carpet cleaning methods. Steam carpet cleaning in Orono, Minnesota does away with the need for harsh chemicals and extra water. Our expert steam cleaning method eliminates dirt and allergens from the surface of the carpet as well as from deep within the fibers without the use of harsh chemicals. Your carpets will be dry after using this method and there won’t be any residue left behind.

Best Steam Carpet Cleaning Services in Orono, Minnesota

Typical people are unaware of the chemicals used in traditional carpet cleaning techniques. On the other hand, these chemicals might leave a toxic residue on your carpet that might be harmful to your family and pets. There is another issue in addition to the quantity of water used in standard carpet cleaning. When water seeps into the carpet too deeply and takes too long to dry, mold and mildew growth can result. 360 Steam Carpet Cleaning will guarantee that your Orono, Minnesota carpet and upholstery are thoroughly cleaned without leaving any extra water behind.