Even the strongest pet odors can be eliminated with the appropriate equipment and methods. You’ll have more success if you identify the source of the smell and the material on which it’s lingering. To get rid of pet odor from carpets, one of the best options is to use a professional carpet cleaning machine. The carpet cleaners we use in Chanhassen, Minnesota are trained to thoroughly rinse out the padding and extract any and all traces of pet hair and odors. If your carpets are very dirty or musty, you may want to consider treating them. Carpet treatment chemicals decompose urine and feces deposits, removing them from carpet fibers.

Steam Cleaning That’s Safe for Pets Near Me

Carpet cleaning is a vital part of general house maintenance. Additionally, it protects your flooring investment and helps you maintain a clean and organized house. One of the most common problems that arises when working with carpets is pet odor. If you own a pet, chances are you’ve encountered this issue before.

360 Steam Carpet Cleaning in Chanhassen, Minnesota offers three tiers of pet odor treatment:

  • To get rid of pet scents, get the carpet professionally cleaned by a company that specializes in carpets only. This may be sufficient, depending on how long it’s been since the carpet was cleaned.
  • We provide a service to eliminate pet odors if your carpet or pad hasn’t been cleaned in a while or has a particularly unpleasant odor. Your improved and sustained outcomes are guaranteed.
  • To have a carpet that looks and smells as fresh as new, you may need to replace the pad and the carpet, but the extra effort is well worth it.

Chanhassen, Minnesota’s Top-Rated Pet Odor Removal Service

At 360 Steam Carpet Cleaning in Chanhassen, Minnesota, we value our customers’ opinions above anything else. We are happy to assist you with any carpet cleaning need you may have. Get in touch with us immediately to find out more about our carpet cleaning options.