Wool Carpet Cleaning in Eden Prairie

Wool Carpet Cleaning in Eden Prairie




Wool carpet cleaning Eden Prairie

wool carpet cleaning services located near South Metro

Wool carpets will bring a look and feel of luxury to your home or commercial premises. However, this material is notoriously hard to keep clean. Additionally, several extra steps are essential to protect the fabric.

Cleaning at 8.5pH or higher will cause damage to wool carpeting. If you hire an amateur, there is no guarantee that suitable products and equipment will be used when cleaning your wool carpets. However, as an expensive flooring solution, this is not a risk you can take.

360 Steam Carpet Cleaning employs several techniques to protect wool during the cleaning process. As a result, we provide assurances of superior results from the soap free products we use to our advanced equipment.

Wool Approved Cleaning Product

It is essential that wool is cleaned with approved products designed for specific use with this type of fiber. A soap free solution combined with treated water, not hard water, results in a soft and residue-free carpet.

We are careful to take our time and remove as much water as possible from your wool carpet after it has been cleaned. It is imperative that wool carpet dries properly to avoid an after odor and for premium results. This could take up to and around 24 hours.

Natura fiber Spills & Urine Stains

The greatest threat to natural wool carpets are spills and urine stains. To protect your luxurious flooring, quickly addressing these issues is recommended. The alternative is deep and permanent staining that will effectively destroy carpeting.

360 Steam Carpet Cleaning has the products, tools, and equipment to remove most spills and stains from wool fibers and padding, especially if quick action is taken. All our techniques involve the use of environmentally friendly, soap-free cleaning. As a result, your family, friends, employees, or visitors will benefit from added protection due to our carpet sanitation practices.

For affordable and effective wool carpet cleaning in Minnesota, reach out to 360 Steam Carpet Cleaning to book an appointment today.


Learn something about our owner, Milan. Prior to starting the business, he has had a long and flourishing career as a medical architecture planner. Through this work, he has worked on special projects likes The Minneapolis Children’s Hospital, emergency rooms, assisted living facilities, drug addiction recovery centers and many other projects. His passion is to help others to have a healthy home for their families in the Savage area.

remove pet odor from my carpet

why carpet cleaning

remove pet odor from my carpet

Why did Milan choose to get into carpet cleaning after a medical planning career? Over time he saw many people that he felt needed help with how to properly clean their home or office. With his medical background, 360 has the #1 cleaning method for having a healthy home or office floor surface’s. Our cleaning process uses only healthy products.

The 360 Guarantee

We guarantee our carpet cleaning. Our priority is that you are satisfied with your cleaning. If you are not satisfied with your carpet cleaning, we will come back and re-clean it.

In addition, we will provide you with additional tips on how to keep your carpet cleaner based on your carpet condition.


Why should I have my carpets deep cleaned? I think my carpet looks clean and I just want a simple clean?

Dust and dust mites do not stay on the surface of the carpet but are often found deep inside.

Can you Steam Clean Wood Floors?

Techinically yes, but we do not recommend it as it may cause floors to warp, bend, buckle and become unstuck to the glue.

I just had my carpets cleaned, now what?

After having your carpets cleaned, we recommend that you replace you air filters as not to continue pushing dirt or particles through the air.

When should I clean my carpets?

You should clean your carpets per the manufacture recommendations. Manufactures recommendations vary from 6 to 18 months and should not exceed their recommendations as it may void the warranty.

How long will it take my carpet to dry?

Drying time depends on the surface depth of the carpet fiber  cleaning. A surface cleaning typically will take  3-5 hours of drying time.  A  deep carpet cleaning will take approximately 24 hours.


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