Steam Carpet Cleaner in Prior Lake, MN

Steam carpet cleaning is a much more effective and safer alternative to traditional methods. With steam carpet cleaning in Prior Lake, MN, there is no need for chemicals or excessive amounts of water. Our eco-friendly, professional steam cleaning process removes dirt and allergens not only on the surface but deep inside of carpet fiber without using harsh chemicals. This means there is no residue left behind, and your carpets will be dry within 24 hours.

The Best Steam Carpet Cleaning Services in Prior Lake, MN

The average person doesn’t think about the chemicals that are used in traditional carpet cleaning methods. But, those chemicals can leave a residue on your carpets that can be harmful to your family and pets. Another issue with traditional carpet cleaning is the amount of water that is used. The water can oftentimes seep too deep into the carpet and take a long time to dry, leading to mold and mildew growth. At 360 Steam Carpet Cleaning in Prior Lake, MN, we make sure that your carpet and upholstery are thoroughly cleaned without excess water left behind.

No Residue Carpet Cleaning in Prior Lake, MN

When choosing a steam carpet cleaner in Prior Lake, MN, it’s important to consider the size of your home and the type of carpets you have. Unlike most carpet cleaners in Prior Lake, MN, 360 Steam Carpet Cleaning offers professional carpet cleaning for wool carpets. Since it is critical that wool carpet dries properly to avoid mold and unwanted odors, we spend extra time removing as much water as possible from your wool carpet after it has been cleaned. This takes around 24 hours to dry. From our soap-free products and advanced carpet cleaning equipment, 360 Steam Carpet Cleaning employs several techniques that help protect wool carpets during the cleaning process.

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