Soap is not used in the residue-free carpet cleaning method. People with asthma and allergies frequently prefer this cleaning procedure because it does not cause the same respiratory irritation that other treatments can. Those with sensitive or pricey carpeting and upholstery may prefer soap-free carpet cleaning in Prior Lake, MN.

Soap-Free Steam Carpet Cleaning in Prior Lake, Minnesota

Soap-free carpet cleaning may take longer than conventional procedures, but the end result is a carpet that is free of dirt and stains and looks as good as new. Prior Lake, Minnesota residents can take advantage of our soap-free steam carpet cleaning service to get their carpets clean without resorting to dangerous chemicals. To clean your carpet thoroughly and gently, without damaging it or leaving any residue, we utilize hot water combined with our eco-friendly water solution. Don’t walk on the carpet for at least 24 hours.

The use of soap-free steam is another effective method for removing grime and stains from carpets. The vacuum’s suction will help remove the grime and stains after they have been loosened by the hot water and steam. Once you’ve had your carpets steam cleaned, they’ll look like new.

Carpet Cleaning in Prior Lake, Minnesota: Find a Local Steam Cleaning Service

360 Steam Carpet Cleaning in Prior Lake, MN is a great option if you’re seeking a soap-free carpet cleaning service. Our premium certified soap-free carpet cleaner in Prior Lake, Minnesota is friendly and professional, committed to building mutually beneficial relationships with each and every one of our clients. This includes using individualized carpet cleaning strategies tailored to your specific carpet, as well as the most advanced cleaning technology available on each and every job.

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